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Fantastic mug!

This mug is wonderful; it's sturdy and looks like an authentic diner mug + coaster! It's beautiful.
Like other reviewers, I do wish it was a little bit bigger, but other wise it's perfect! :)


First off I wanna say this is a gorgeous mug. I absolutely love the design of it and would love to have several of these in my house for guests. Only problem is I didn't expect the mug to be so small. It is not Fangamer's fault; they put it in the description it is only 8OZ. It's my fault, I assumed it'd be a normal sized mug and because of that I'll still give this item a 5 star review.

But I am disappointed by the size and wish they'd make a bigger cup. It is an absolutely beautiful mug AND you get a cute little Grilby's coaster along with the cup. Maybe with its size I'll just save it for super sugary creamy drinks so I don't end up drinking too much haha

Anyway, wonderful job to the designer, Audrey Waner!

Fantastic Customer Service

Bought as an xmas gift and it came broken. Contacted Fangamer and they immediately sent off a new mug free of charge. The new mug was in a larger box filled with packing peanuts and the mug itself was double wrapped. This one was not broken. Freaking fantastic and hassle-free.

The mug itself is adorable and fits quite nicely into my hands. As stated by other reviewers, it is smaller than I expected but that just makes it all the more adorable. Overall, could not be happier with the experience.

Perfect for my hot chocolate!

The mug is great! sure it's small but to me it's perfect. I made some hot chocolate with it this morning as well. the coaster it comes with looks really nice with it too! And the best part is that it's really stylish too! It's my favorite mug that I own. even the packaging was quite good too so even tho it's glass it won't break before it arrives. I also took a few photos too this morning. (forgot to add the coaster in the photo,whoops!)


I absolutely love this mug but the only problem that I have and in hindsight i t is abit of a that a little smaller than i thought it was going to be.


Grillby's Mug

by Fangamer

Save $3Royal Mug

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Whoops, watch where you sit down. Sometimes weirdos put whoopee cushions on the seats. 

This official UNDERTALE mug was designed by Audrey Waner to hold 8 oz. of ketchup (or tea). Each one comes with a bonus coaster.

Microwave safe. Hand washing recommended.

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