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Even better in person

These figures are even bettering person. Beautiful detail. Every little thing about them reflects the character. I received this one of Frisk as well as the Flowey one today, and I can't wait to get more.

All 5 stars, it has to be good right??

Well I’m happy to say YES!
The care and detail made in this figure gives the human a cool, cute , and LOVE ing stare! And- oh god... l-love?
*Gulp* s-see you soon....

This figurine filled me with determination! <3

It is a beautiful figurine and is very well painted, the wait was worth it!

Very Nice

It has really cool painting work (probably because it's pretty simple) the only problem is that the part where it's holding the stick kinda has a messy paint work but that's only noticeable if you looking at every single detail and the hands are very small so it'll be weird if it were perfect.

I'm now saving money to buy for maybe a future Frisk plush. I'll try to wait 3 more years. And I'll definitely try to buy a Shyren and Grilby figure if it comes out. But I'm hiding the money because my family only want me to buy "useful' stuff but there is really nothing useful to buy so I pretend to use it on something else.
I'm going to try to use all my spare money that I will earn on this site.

The company has hardworking and kind people ^_^ they have chosen really kind people working there.

Knowing how kind the people are there, it fills your heart with a warm feeling of determination.


The figurine is perfect and the shipping was very fast!I will probably buy other stuff in this site.


The Human Little Buddy

by Fangamer


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UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 1 Complete Set

Every human that falls down here meets the same fate.

  • 2.5 inches tall
  • Hand-painted, injection-molded vinyl
  • Removable base
  • Packaged in a windowed collectors box

This official UNDERTALE figurine was modeled by Gijs van Kooten and produced by our friends at Happy Worker.

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