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Amazing Shirt

This shirt is brilliant, not only is it comfortable. But the actual artwork on the shirt looks amazing, I love that so many character were included, especially given just how many minor and major characters there are in the game. There's also a little secret, hidden on the shirt for keen eyed observers. I did initially order one size too large, so unfortunately the design was always too far on my right to properly see. Fortunately I knew someone else that would enjoy the shirt and ordered another for myself, that looked much better on me. So make sure you order the right size.


This shirt is

I got it for christmas 2 years ago, and it still fits me to this day! The print is amazing quality and the shirt is REALLY comfy! People really like to point out the sans on it, so it'll attract some attention (at least for me) in the average public middle school!

(also keep your eyes out for a little easter egg somewhere on the shirt, not gonna spoil it though, wink wink)

Quite Pleased

This just came in the other day, and I’m very happy with it. I normally wear a unisex 2X (which is what I ordered), since it gives me a bit of wiggle-room, due to my very broad chest and long torso. This -just- fits me perfectly, but the chest can be a bit tight when I move a certain way (the Rude Buster shirt is the same size, but loose fitting).

On the plus side, it’s the equivalent of a “tall” size, so the length is exactly what I want in a shirt (very happy for that). If you buy, simply be aware that this might be rather form-fitting, so go a size up if you never ordered one before and want to play it safe.

The signature button was also a really nice surprise. I love that Fangamer includes those (it seems all designs come with one, since RB had a special Susie button with it).

Overall, a great and high quality shirt. I’ll be doing a lot of business with Fangamer from this point forward. :3

Vibrant colored shirt

This shirt is great! I love how vibrant the red is, and the graphic is beautiful as well. On the inside of the shirt there is also a little secret (I won't spoil it) but it's so cute, and totally Undertale. I rate the shirt a 4 star though because it was not as loose as I thought it would be considering this is listed in women's sizes and not juniors. I typically wear an XL or 2XL in juniors so I felt an XL in women's would be great. I was incorrect, it still fits me but not as comfortably as I would like. However, that is not the fault of Fangamer at all, just be mindful if you prefer loose fitted shirts, order the next size up to play it safe. I would not recommend drying this either since it is 100% cotton.


The shirt itself is 100% cotton and is so soft! The print is really good quality down to the little annoying dog inside. Simply FABULOUS DAHLING!!!!



by Laura Verdin


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Style: Cranberry / Unisex XS

You wiggle your hips. The t-shirt wiggles, too.

This official UNDERTALE shirt was designed by Laura Verdin and printed on soft, 100% cotton shirts from American Apparel and District. (The women's cut is a v-neck.) Each one comes with a glow in the dark button.

Unisex XS-3X Bella+Canvas 3001
Women's XS-4X District Made DM1170L
Unisex 4X-6X Gildan 2000

This shirt features our new favorite women's garments, from District Made—they use women's sizes, not junior's, so if you're used to American Apparel consult District's sizing chart.

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