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~~L e g s b e n i c e~~

Sooo, not a lot of stuff I can say that hasn't been said already!

The outer box was a nice clever idea, having it be box/rectangle Mettaton! And, my god, the inner box the figure was in was just so gorgeous!! The glittery texture on the letters, the art on the box, and if you get one of these, scan the QR code. It's amazing!

Now, the figure itself is perfect! I love the backside switch feature, and would definitely play around with it for hours, maybe days!! Now in some of the photos, you can see that he has a perfect worm as a boa! The details are all on point and perfect! Now, the leg joints are a little wonky, but after messing with them a bit, they'll make a bit of sense! His arms are very bendy and poseable! Without his stand, he can still stand very well! And compared to my Vanny figure, he's just a bit taller than her, but also, Funko is a different manufacturer from Fangamer! Fangamer is also better than Funko, in my opinion! But do be careful with the shoulder pads, since they're the same material as the arms.

Some wants that I think would be nice would be some bendable fingers, so the poses could be even better when compared to the game sprites! Maybe some changeable heads with different expressions, again, to be even closer to in game! And one last thing, removable legs and arms, again for in game! All of my wants are just to be even closer to the game!

Now, if you're an Undertale/Mettaton fan, I totally recommend this figure! He's perfect and handsome for practically anybody!! One thing I really want is a Mettaton NEO figure to finish the little Mettaton collection of figures! The figure is high quality, the package is high quality, and everything is high quality! He had a very quick delivery for me, and his boxes are too nice to toss out! If you get the chance, totally order this guy!! 10000/10!


I just got this figure along with the Space Junk T-Shirt, and this is fabulous! The the box it was shipped in was designed like his box form! The figure's box is designed amazingly! I am very happy with this purchase! (Sorry if the photos aren't the greatest quality)


What can I add that other reviewers haven't already said, darling? It brings drama, romance and bloodshed to the comfort of my desk!

The inner box got a bit dinged up during shipping, but why would you buy a Mettaton EX you don't intend to play with? The outer box being rectangle Mettaton was also a nice touch.

My only suggestion would be to replace the arms with more legs and maybe add an extra pair of legs on the back or shoulders somewhere. Perhaps that would make the figurine too fragile?

Seriously though, I would love a NEO figurine to complete the Mettaton set.


I've been waiting to order this for such a long time and it was 100% worth the wait. The figure itself is absolutely amazing, every detail is spot-on and there's absolutely nothing I would change. The box itself was great quality but got a bit banged up during shipping- so, that's something you might wanna be cautious about if you're a serious collector. Overall, it's a wonderful addition/gift for any Undertale/Mettaton fan and it shipped very quickly regardless of the healthy and safety precautions. Would definitely recommend it! :)


I have been waiting for this since 7 days and now it. Just arrived it's really cool by the way I like the product!


Mettaton EX Posable Figurine



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Mettaton EX is now available as our tallest, most bendable figurine ever. It's the idol everyone craves! 

  • Who needs legs with fully posable arms like these? 
  • Also has legs! Each one articulates at the ankle, knee, and hip. (Mettaton's head moves, too.) 
  • Switch on the back flips very satisfyingly (but doesn't do anything) 
  • Included stand allows the show to go on after you're done posing 
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall (without the base)

This official UNDERTALE figurine was modeled by Yukanuntiusel with assistance from Gijs van Kooten, with packaging designed by Laura Verdin. 

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