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Mettaton is always a good choice when it comes to buying merch for a character, since he has some of the best designedly ones, and this is no exception. This is probably my second favorite poster that I own, (right behind THE BEGINNING.) Just the colors and art make it look like something straight out of a TV show! I especially love the expressions on the background characters, with my personal favorite being the disgusted expressions on Undyne’s face, since it always make me chuckle. Would highly recommend.


The poster is really high quality and is made out of a study material! The print is amazing too, and i'm always kinda finding little hidden things in it each time I look at it! It's the centerpiece of my MTT shaped shrine! It's beautiful!

oh yES!

It is GORGEOUS in person! It's next to my bookshelf and I can't help but stare at it a little. It actually puts me in a good mood because it's just so much fun. Would recommend, absolutely. I wish I could take a picture and show everyone, but you'll have to take my word for it.

Colorful Poster!

After falling in love with Undertale, I wanted to have something to remember my experience with by. My parents got this poster for me along with the anime friends button set and I have to say, I love both products equally. This was our first purchase with Fangamer, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was pleasantly shocked with the effort that Fangamer put into the packaging of the items; the poster and pins came in an extremely sturdy cylindrical package and the poster was in a plastic “cover” I guess for a lack of better wording. I added a little note when we ordered this asking for them to try their best to not crease or bend the poster as this was my first online poster order, I wasn’t sure how they would be shipping it. So, thank you for that, Fangamer! Anyways, this poster is really sturdy and is really high quality! Although, this might just be me but I found that the characters in the background are a little difficult to see and are not as bright as the picture made them out to be. But, overall, this is a really great first poster for me and I adore it! The color scheme is AMAZING and every aspect was really well designed. It makes me smile every time I enter my room and it’s a pretty good size too! The purchase also came with a tiny pin and a card from games that I am not familiar with, but the art on the card was neat and I liked how they added that with the order. Again, thank you so much for your service!

Love it~~~

It's the perfect size, printed well, and it's high quality. Love the artwork, this poster is literally perfect. I mean it's hard to mess up posters, but I still love it uwu /shrug


Mettaton: Live from Hotland

by Gigi D.G.

Save $1Smooch-Cut UNDERTALE Sticker Sheet

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Are you promoting my brand? Celebrate your time in Mettaton's live studio audience with the official tour poster.

This Undertale design by Gigi D.G. is available as an offset print measuring 18" by 24".

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