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Very Durable Stickers!

I bought 2 sets of these stickers. When I received them, They looked better in person than in the pictures shown. I decided to stick the Asriel God of Hyperdeath and Angel of Death stickers to the back of my car. I went to a car wash and I was afraid the stickers would be destroyed. After going through the car wash I checked on the stickers and they were still stuck to the back of my car. There were no signs of water damage to the stickers. The stickers look plastic rather than paper which is good because you can stick them outside. Over all, I'm very pleased with these stickers! All I have to do is see how long it takes for the stickers to fade in the sun (my car sits outside).

Beautiful and Clean

Not much to say, the stickers are as advertised and look great in front of you. One small thing to notice, although not super terrible, is that in the real life screenshots there's some sharp white triangle stuck into the brown regular snail and green gem buddy that came out in my set too, you won't see it in the pictures with the grey background. But it only lessens the snail really up close, it's not a shine effect as I thought either, as one snail tentacle is missing. No other's seem to have this in these screenshots or mine.


New Friends Sticker Sheet Set A


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Just some of the people you'll meet. 

Set A features three of the six kiss-cut sticker sheets EXTY needed to capture the whole UNDERTALE universe. Pick up both sets and save $2. 

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