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Essentially perfect.

I really have no complaints with this pin besides one thing: there *is* a very slight problem with the paint application on my pin. The white in between the blue squiggly and the green Memphis triangle is a little over-applied and goes over the edges of the enamel bits a little, but this is hardly an issue and it's pretty common with enamel pins to have some sort of very minor paint issue. But I love the design and the game too much to take a star off for it, its still great. And Fangamer always has lil goodies n things that come with pins, like a little sticker and pin-badge~!

(and ten points for having plastic/rubber backings, i prefer these over metal ones by a mile since the metal ones can sometimes come loose after a short period, plus the rubber backings are easier to find replacements of uwu)

Great pin but lacking back lock

Great game, great pin. The only reason for losing a star is the lack of a proper back lock for the pin. Can't really consider these plastic placeholders to be the locking mechanism.

VA-11 HALL-A Pin

by Audrey Waner


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Keep your clients lubricated and you will be made privy to the most interesting stories.

This official VA11-HALL-A soft enamel pin was designed by Audrey Waner. 

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