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Watch this space! In each of our next few newsletters we’ll be releasing a brand-new shirt as part of our print-a-thon, available to preorder for a limited time at a great price—$15. Each week we’ll celebrate a different game.

Why print-a-thon? These single-color, single-print designs are faster and easier for our friends at Forward Printing to produce while they space out and work in smaller shifts on our other designs. So help keep the presses printing, and pass the savings on… to yourself!



by Laura Verdin


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This is a preorder item which will not ship until Mid-Late July! Please visit our shipping page for more information regarding preorders.

Hazelnuts not included with purchase.

This official OneShot t-shirt was designed by Laura Verdin for our Print-a-thon! It's available to preorder for a limited time for just $15. 

(Colors may differ slightly from mockup.)

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We're also going to introduce and shine light on some of our hardworking staff who make everything behind the scenes possible!

Employee Spotlight

Kathryn Adams

Forward Printing

What do you normally do at Fangamer or Forward Printing?

I'm a press operator at Forward Printing.

What are you doing right now?

Right this second? Working on a painting. I recently got back into painting due to the quarantine and I'm obsessed with it now. Best thing ever is listening to music and getting creative.

What's your favorite thing to do at home?

I have a precious baby boy dog that I love lots and lots, so I spend as much time with him as I can. His name is Papaw and he's a basset beagle mix. He talks A LOT, it's his special talent. I also love to cook all sorts of vegan goodies. For a long time that was my passion, cooking food and feeding whoever would let me.

What's the first thing you'll do when you're out?

Get out in nature. That's my #1. I love hiking and have been doing it a lot recently because the weather has been lovely. Other outdoor hobbies include skateboarding (I'm not very good but I got the basics), rollerskating, biking, and taking Lil P (Papaw) for long walks.