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Unconventional Sale

Did you spend a bunch of money during Glitch Week and don't want to pay another shipping charge? Or perhaps you're down because you're not able to make it to PAX East 2013 in Boston?

Chin up, little buddy! Now now, no need for tears. Here, take this -- it's a free shipping sale, but sure, I guess you can use it to blow your nose too:

  • Domestic (USA) Orders: Free shipping* with coupon code UNCON-FREESHIP-US
  • International (non-US) Orders: 15% off with coupon code UNCON-15-INTL
This offer ends when the convention does: Monday, March 25. Get your order in quick and don't tell your PAX buddies. (Or your wallet.)

Also note that we get slammed whenever we have a free shipping sale, so please be patient! It could take more than a week to get your order out the door. Also note that if you use the free shipping coupon, we'll ship it through whatever method is cheapest (either first-class or priority) regardless of what shipping method you choose during checkout.