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2300: Ruined World

by Jon Kay and Charlie Verdin


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A towering pillar of dust trails a speck on the horizon, deftly weaving through crooked skyscrapers and slabs of asphalt. Its path arcs in your direction, silence replaced by a hum and eventually a roar. As the machine blasts by, you are struck by two realizations. First, the motorcycle is driverless. Second, the driver is motorcycleless...

Our second belt print, designed by Charlie Verdin and Jon Kay! The “discharge” printing process dyes the ink right into the shirt, leaving a softer, smoother print than standard screenprinting. Each shirt comes with a 1.25" bonus pin.

Unisex XS-3X American Apparel 2001
Unisex 4X-5X Gildan 2000
Unisex 6X Hanes 5250
Women's S-2X Bella 1003 scoop-neck