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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
A much loved surprise

I ordered this book for my bf who had recently started replaying New Leaf. He loves it and all the artwork and was particularly happy about coffee preferences being included. The book is overall very colorful and pleasant with lots of little details and even checklists. I like the feel of it being a personal guide with the areas to draw and write our own town details. I got the Stardew Valley book some months ago as well and look forward to adding more by Kari to the collection. Perhaps the BotW book next ;)

Love this book

I love this book, it's so cute and so well done. The illustrations are adorable and it's really well written. It got here way faster than expected too. Thank you!

I love this book

I love this book, it's super cool and I love drawings <3

It has Everything but...

Love love love this book!!!! I'm restarting my town & starting fresh with this guide! Only a few things missing: 1) Maybe the cheat answers to get your own favorite hair/face combo when you are starting off as mayor, 2) NEEDS a K.K. Slider song checklist, 3) idk any of the April Fools day facts for the villagers. The only way to know is to look online so I think it's useful to add., 4) kitty Kate is not mentioned, 5) NEEDS a gyloid checklist!? 6) NEEDS a page naming the different fashion style with an outfit & a chart of fashion choice mix-ups that will auto-fail you! Some of my 6 things maybe borderline "cheat guide" but they could also be main guide "must haves". EVERYTHING ELSE is in there! The coffee code alone makes up for not knowing some other facts you might not use everyday! I can easily print some things out and tape them inside! Lol

This book is awesome

I love the style. Everything was well-written and detailed. I love all villagers' drawings and detailed explanation about their banners(?). Overall, I cannot describe how much I love this book!!! There are so many things to point out <3

A Guide to Village Life

by Kari Fry

Sold out!

Moving someplace new is stressful! It helps to have someone show you around. It helps even more when that someone is Kari Fry, the artist behind the Field Guide to Kanto and Legend of the Hero.

A Guide to Village Life features:

  • 256 full-color pages, each custom designed and fully illustrated
  • Obsessively-detailed segments covering nearly every aspect of the game -- flora, fauna, friends, fashion, festivals, and more
  • Loving, thorough hand-lettering by Keni Scherbinski
The hardcover editions include:
  • Foil-stamped, cloth-covered binding
  • Fold-out poster cleverly disguised as a beautiful, spot-gloss dust jacket

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