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Great in some respects, poor in others

I have had this backpack for over a year or two now and I still use it. The quality of the canvas, straps, and buttons are very nice, and the franklin badge looks awesome. I kinda wish it looked more like Ness's backpack but its kinda close. The issues I have with it are the inside fabric and the front zipper. The fabric used to line the insides tears extremely easily, I remember seeing tears in the first week. This doesn't affect the integrity of the backpack, but it makes it look kinda shabby inside after a while. The bigger issue is the front zipper pouch. This zipper stopped zipping properly after 6 or so months and I had to buy zipper pouches to pin inside to compensate. It is super annoying having the main pouch look open all the time. I don't know how this problem could be solved, as the metal zipper just doesn't last for some reason.

Excellent build quality in some, areas poor build quality in other areas

The canvas material is very nice and so are the straps and buttons. The inside stitched fabric though tears very easily. My main issue though is that the metal zipper on the outside stopped closing the zipper pouch after about 6 months. Very annoying so I had to buy some zipper pouches to pin to the inside so I can still use it. I would buy it again but only if they somehow make the zipper last longer.

Franklin Badge "Frankly" Not Very Good

This bag just arrived. It's really cool, and I do like it! It has a nice amount of space inside and is overall pretty stylish. However, I have to give it a low rating for the poor quality of the Franklin Badge emblem. In the photos it appears to be deeply stamped into the brown material. However, on the bag I got, the design is barely visible up close, so I highly doubt anyone will recognize it as anything more than a random brown circle from far away. You might think 3 stars is harsh, but here's my verdict... The Franklin Badge design is what makes this an Earthbound/Mother themed bag. Otherwise, it's just some yellow backpack. No one aside from me is going to notice it has anything to do with Mother. Pretty disappointing because I was hoping it would be a good conversation starter to attract some fellow Mother fans.

Comfy and functional!

I bought this about a month ago and have been using it during my outings. I have the Pregame look, which initially wasn't my favored choice but soon grew on me.
The first quality I noticed was how comfortable it was to wear. Compared to my other bag (a $15 Wal-Mart backpack), this felt amazing. The shoulder straps are padded to prevent discomfort and from cutting into one's shoulders. Even when it's loaded up, I didn't feel so uncomfortable that I needed to take it off immediately.
The bag is a bit smaller than others, but it makes up for that in other qualities. The bag seems to be lined, making for a durable interior. The side pockets will hold items without having them fall out, unlike similar side pockets. And the frontmost pocket works great for storing items.
The fasteners on the bag are excellent- the snaps makes it easy to access the pockets. I haven't had to jimmy the zipper, despite what other reviews have detailed. And the pullstring hold fast, preventing any items from falling out.
Other reviews mentioned the straps loosening up with use- this is normal for straps held by a slip buckle. My solution was to tie off the ends so they don't slip.
After doing some research, it seems the leather is at least very close to high quality full grain leather. That being said, I do wish the Blue Marble emblem was more prominent than it is.
If you need a new bag, I suggest splurging on this one instead of going cheap- as a budget shopper, I think this is more than worth it!

Not for use as a main bag.

I've owned this backpack (postgame version) for a few months, using it on and off for shorter excursions. Here's what I've noticed in that time:

The good:
+ The size is pretty convenient; you can fit a decent number of things in the different compartments.
+ All pockets are lined.
+ Straps sit comfortably on the shoulders (when they're not slipping down... see below.)
+ The main pocket is soft and can expand to hold all your random stuff, and the drawstring closure does a good job of keeping things secure.
+ A loving reproduction of the Earthbound backpack.

The bad:
- Like others have mentioned, the zipper quality isn't great. It splits frequently, and while I can get it to close properly if I'm careful, it's annoying to have to baby the zipper so much after only this much use.
- The strap length tends to slip, as the metal rings for adjusting the length don't have the best grip on the fabric straps. I often find myself having to pull on the straps to re-shorten the length while I'm wearing the bag, which is annoying.
- Personally, I don't really like the leather texture on the snap straps and handle; it looks a little cheap and plasticky.
- More minor, but I wish the Franklin Badge detailing was a little more visible.

Overall, I'd say this bag is fine for casual and/or occasional use, but I wouldn't use it as a main day-to-day backpack. It's kind of a shame, too, given the price.



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A cute backpack, just like you've always wanted!

  • Drawstring main pouch measures 14" tall, 11" wide, and 5" deep
  • Front pouch with zipper closure and two side pouches with button clasps
  • Cotton canvas construction with brass hardware
  • Stamped 'Franklin' emblem
  • Custom woven 'Blue Marble' tag

This durable canvas backpack is a perfect fit for cosplay or deep-cover cosplay.