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Simply Perfect!

Just got two packs of these the other day (one as a gift for a friend) and we were both blown away by the level of quality! As a magician (or mage, in this context I suppose?) I am very finicky about the texture and feel of playing cards in general, and these blew me away! I simply reiterate the title of my review: Simply Perfect!

A deck I didn't know I needed!

What a great product I didn't know that I needed in my life. The art style is perfect for this kind of product as well and I think it lends itself well to the cast of FF6. The quality of the cards are nice too, they felt premium and sturdy. Definitely did not feel cheap at all, actually felt more premium than your standard deck of playing cards. I'm interested to see more Final Fantasy games made in this way, perhaps even to other franchises such as Phantasy Star. This is a must for any FF6 fan, highly recommended.

Wonderfully done!

Picked this up a few weeks ago, and they definitely look even better in person! High quality material, and the suit theming is excellent. Want a nice looking deck of cards and are a big fan of Final Fantasy VI? Grab these.

High quality playing cards.

These are really well designed. I like how they grouped the characters together in the different suits.

Black Jack win!

The Black Jack Casino deck by Fangamer is another beautiful custom deck. It's got great artwork that takes inspiration from a classical deck of playing cards as well as Final Fantasy 6. I know the price seems a bit high, but honestly it's well worth it for the quality of the deck. On the printing side of things, it's an excellent quality deck up to the standard of all USPCC deck such Bicycle or any other custom deck. If you're a JRPG fan, Final Fantasy fan or just a playing card collector, definitely pick this up. I want to add that the deck came amazingly packaged to ensure it's safety. Props to the shipping and fulfilment team!

Blackjack Casino Cards

by Laura Verdin


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Ante up, my friend

This FF6-themed card deck features a face card of every playable main character from this classic SNES RPG!

  • 56 Poker sized cards
  • Printed on Bicycle grade paper with embossed finish
  • Custom tuck box
  • Gold foil security seal and cellophane wrapper with tear band

Meticulously designed by Lieutenant Art Commander Laura Verdin and produced by the magitechnicians at US Playing Card Company (USPCC), the same company responsible for the famous Bicycle card decks.

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