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Boss Combo Pack: 2X and Womens

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Style: Unisex 2X / Les Enfants Terribles - Comrade Red / Olive
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Note: This is a placeholder page that holds the 2X and Women's sized shirts. If you're looking for different sizes, head towards the regular Boss Combo Pack page.

If there's one thing The Boss knows, its how to keep up appearances while getting things done. To that end, we've put together a field-ready combo pack to make her proud:

Special Forces Messenger Bag

This bag is more than big enough to handle several books, magazines, and automatic weapons (you have a concealed carry permit, right?) -- there are also plenty of pockets to hide your cigarettes and diazepam from those pesky super soldiers at the checkpoints!

  • Jon Kay’s new and improved “Special Forces” patch design is directly embroidered on the front flap.
  • The main compartment is 16″ × 11″ × 5″ (flexible enough to accommodate larger items)
  • Unwashed heavyweight canvas (the bag weighs a little under 2lbs)
  • Zippers and pouches galore!
    • In addition to the main flap, the main compartment closes with a 16" zipper
    • Two 6″×8″ zipper-seal pockets on the front
    • Two 6″×8″ button-seal pockets on each side
    • One 14″×8″ velcro-seal pouch on the back (good for folders and thin notebooks)
    • One 8″×6″ zipper-seal pouch on the inside of the main compartment
  • Brass hardware (high-quality stuff — no plastic buckles here)
  • 2" wide adjustable shoulder strap

Les Enfants Terribles Shirt

Inspired by the brilliance of the revolutionary Playstation game Metal Gear Solid, to create a shirt worthy of the terrible children.

Printed on high-quality American Apparel and Sun Apparel t-shirts by the excellent guys at Forward Printing, the ink is "discharged" (a method which dyes the ink right into the shirt) leaving a softer, smoother print than normal screenprinting.

The best part: every shirt comes with a custom-made dogtag that’s so cool, you’ll have a hard time giving it up even if a vigilante points a gun at your crotch! (Please note that some of the Red shirts will come with a 24-carat gold plated Special Forces pin)

Special Forces Shirt

By popular demand, the emblem from the Special Forces messenger bag has been transmuted into a summer shirt! This shirt features four different prints in three colors:

  • Chest
  • Sleeve
  • Neck
  • Tag

The olive shirt is printed on our standard American Apparel 2001 shirt, while the heather black is printed on American Apparel's 50/50 shirt, a thinner, taller, and more "breathable" version of the 2001.

Each shirt comes with a FOX UNIT pin. The Olive shirt comes with a 24-karat gold plated 1" pin, and the Heather Black comes with a White Metal 1" pin.

Printed by Forward Printing in California, these shirts are discharge printed with waterbase inks -- in other words, the ink is dyed right into the shirt for a sharp, smooth, soft print.

Liquid Pin Set

If you're hoping to slip by a guard unnoticed, you've got a few choices: don a clever disguise, sneak through the shadows, or tap them on the shoulder and hit them with four pins worth of amazing design.

  • Psychic Psycho
  • Ration
  • H!DE Box
  • Gear Unit
    • REX
    • RAY
    • GEKO

For an extra $2 you can get the three round 1" pins converted to magnets. Each pin set comes in a custom packaging to protect the sensitive contents from prying hands.

Fox Unit Canteen

Sure, members of the Special Forces get thirsty just like everyone else -- but they do it with style.

  • Silkscreened Fox Unit logo
  • 17 oz capacity
  • Aluminum construction
  • Wide mouth with screw-on lid
  • Carabiner clip