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Customer Reviews

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The colour is perfect (I chose antique) and the little gems are really pretty. super happy with this order!

This Key Necklace is Totally Boss!

Every time I would visit this website over the past year, I kept coming back to this necklace and finally decided to buy one. It came a few days ago, and what a pleasant surprise! It's absolutely gorgeous and at the perfect size where it catches the eye but isn't gaudy. I chose the antique finish, which is a bit darker than how it appears in the photos--think of an old bronze color--and that's what you'll get. It has a nice solid well-made look and feel, and the chain is a wonderful length as well. Thank you Jon Kay and Fangamer!

Gorgeous necklace...

I recieved this today and with a careful inspection i could not find any flaws with this necklace. The person who will be receiving this will love this necklace. 5/5


I purchased this a while ago for Christmas for the girl I like and she absolutely loved it, she thought it was really adorable. It looks really cute and the chain length is great, not too long, not too short. It was a really good gift for her and made me really happy to see how much she liked it.
Definitely going to most likely buy more stuff in the future.

It's nice, but...

I ordered the antique necklace. It's really pretty, except whoever was on stone duty wasn't having the best day. The red stone on one side has silver scratches on it, and the other side is glued off center. I mean, there's an impression for the stone. How did they not get it in the correct spot? And then it was cleared to ship to someone? Anyway, despite that it's really pretty and I'd recommend it (I may contact and ask to exchange if it keeps bugging me), but I hope they increase their quality control standards. Or maybe mine was an unusual case and the stones are normally perfect. This is the only review like mine I've seen.

Also, great shipping time, and like others, I thought the personalized message and extra pin they sent me was really nice. Despite this one issue I would give them the benefit of the doubt and order from Fangamer again.

Boss Key Necklace

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

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As it turns out, hiding the key to the innermost sanctum in some hard-to-reach place isn't the best idea: plucky adventurers always manage to find it anyway, and it's a hassle to reach when you need it yourself.

Perhaps it would be better to simply keep it around your neck?

  • Double-sided, die-cast metal with antique finish
  • 2 inset red gems (one on each side)
  • 1" tall charm
  • 18" long chain

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