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Cataclysm Combo Pack


At long last, high fashion for the discerning time traveler! With this combo pack you’ll save $15 while getting the complete package:

Dark Omen Hoodie

Celebrating the fiery 1999 debut of the earth’s matroshka-nemesis, the ragged, exposed seams* of the Dark Omen jacket are sweet enough to earn you nods of approval from local biker gangs and nerds alike.

2300 Shirt

A towering pillar of dust trails a speck on the horizon, deftly weaving through crooked skyscrapers and slabs of asphalt. Its path arcs in your direction, silence replaced by a hum and eventually a roar. As the machine blasts by, you are struck by two realizations. First, the motorcycle is driverless. Second, the driver is motorcycleless...

Era Sticker Pack

  • Time Guru
  • Johnny Jetbike
  • Timewing
  • Triple Tech

Spawn Keychain

Are you a CT fan with an irreconcilable fondness for ancient planet-devouring aliens? We have the keychain for you! Previously available in a 2D design, the devourer has now entered the 3rd dimension.