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Chimera Pin Set

by Jon Kay

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Style: Pins

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Don’t get left behind (and risk becoming the evening snack), get the Chimera pin set and choose style when supporting your favorite reckless/hypno-charistmatic regime!

  • Ultimate!
  • Whatever…
  • Pork-Hazard
  • Herald the Chimera
  • Andonuts (Wildcard; one per set)
    • DryGuy
    • Mr. Pump
    • Bucket Bros.
  • Metal Mystery (Rare; 1/10 chance)

We’ve printed less than 100 Metal Mystery pins and we’ll never reprint them again, even in different colors! Don’t worry though — even if you don’t get a rare pin this time, we’re saving a handful to mix in randomly with future M3-related button sets.