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CT Fanfest Combo Pack (Women's)

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Style: Womens S / Chronometer Asphalt

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Note: This is for Women's size shirts. We also have Unisex sizes!

The combo pack combines a batch of new CT-inspired items!

Your combo pack can contain either one Chronometer, one Magi's Tower, or both!

The Gate Keychain is right up there with our new 50/50 shirts as the Fangamer staff's new favorite thing. These double-sided, super-detailed keychains are guaranteed to shred the delicate fabric of spacetime like an angry Naga-ette!

Our Timewing Schematics poster is easily one of the most collaborated-on products we've released since the Handbook -- half of the Fangamer staff has been involved in showing some love to the works of CT's own renaissance man.

Our good friend Omnitarian once again blasts onto the scene to deliver his latest shirt design, Magi's Tower. This belt-printed design is the first to feature one of our new favorite shirt colors: blaqua. That's what we're calling it, anyway.

The Fiend Lord pinset also introduces several designs we've been anticipating for a long time -- namely, the Henchmen wildcard pins and the amazing glow-in-the-Dark-Matter pin.

Finally, the New Game + version of our super-popular Chronometer shirt features a new color (Antiquity!), several improvements to the print, and a new printed tag design.

If this isn't enough to suppress your insatiable appetite, we'd also like to point you in the direction of our rarest item: Camille Young's long awaited Avarus figurine.