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Dem' Bones

by Omnitarian

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Style: Brown / XS / Unisex

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The jolly roger burned into this shirt warns of the dangers that lie scuttled and rotting beneath the seaside town. 

Like all our designs, Dem' Bones—designed by Omnitarian and directed by Jon Kay—is printed on comfortable American Apparel products. Unlike most of our designs, these shirts hold dark, piratey secrets!

  • The Plank shirt is a 50/50! Printed on a American Apparel BB401 (Ladies: BB301, 3X-5X: Gildan 8000, 6X: Hanes 5250), this is our most comfortable shirt, with discharge printing for that "burnt in" feel.
  • The Seaweed shirt is our first glow-in-the-dark print! Charge it up in the stark light of day and at night the bioluminescent glow will guide you towards star pieces1. Printed on American Apparel 2001. (Ladies: 2102, 4X-5X: Gildan 2000, 6X: Hanes 5250)

Each shirt comes with a 1.25" pin worthy of any sea-going star hunter. The Seaweed pin glows in the dark, too, just in case you needed an extra push.

1 Or maybe those are glow in the dark pearls; who knows.