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EB Fanfest Combo


The EB Fanfest is one of our favorites events, so in celebration we've released a giant batch of EB-inspired merchandise!

This combo combines the following items at a $12 discount:

Star Man Hoodie

The Star Man Hoodie is designed to protect against PSI Freeze. (You'll thank us when you get to the Stonehenge Base.) 

Runaway Show Shirt

Straight from the Chaos Theater's secret merch table, this bootleg print is only available for a limited time -- until roughly 5 minutes from now when the theater manager notices and confiscates everything. Buy quick!

Runaway Tour Poster

Printed exclusively for their ill-fated tour of Eagleland, this poster is considered a 'misprint' by fans and collectors -- the Runaway Bros only got as far as the second show before their infamous money troubles shut them down.

Invasion! Sticker Pack

In addition to some of the best sci-fi iconography EB has to offer, this sticker pack features the biggest sticker we've ever printed -- at a whopping 4" wide, Skyliner is the perfect bumper accoutrement (that's French for "pleasantly apolitical artistic statement").