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Evil's Bane

by Kari Fry

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Style: S / Green / Unisex

LADIES, we're branching out and printing some of our designs on new women's garments from Bella -- tweet @fangamer to let us know if you like them!

One sword was blessed by the goddesses to vanquish evil; a sword which only the most worthy could wield. Countless evils have fallen to that blade. Does the blade have a memory? Does it remember each foe it has defeated?

Legend has it that Kari Fry designed this shirt to strike fear into the hearts of evildoers everywhere. Then, Forward Printing locked themselves in their facilities until finally they emerged, having forged this design onto American Apparel 50/50 Heather Kelly Green for Unisex garments and Bella 6005 in Leaf for Women's garments using their unbelievable discharge printing techniques.

Shirts 3X-5X are printed on Gildan 8000 50/50 shirts in Kelly Green.

Each shirt comes with a 1.25" button from Busy Beaver.