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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
I loved this!

Many unique items, I love collecting videogame merch and was very pleased with what I got. I might buy a few more

Better off buying what you want

I bought this and liked nothing in it except the Awesome Games Done Quick coloring book. The main saving grace for me could have been the t-shirt, but no. It was for some game I've never heard of called Invisible Inc.
I'm not going to give it below 3 stars since I really didn't know what to expect. I do now, and might buy a mystery t-shirt pack, but with the expectation I might not be happy with what I get.

Fun surprises!

I got a mystery box for myself for christmas. I got:
- Undertale Art book
- Undertale shirt
- Zelda Playing Cards
- Zelda keychain
- pencil bag
- a movie ( the minecraft one )
- a nuclear throne figure

I'm a big fan of Undertale and Zelda, and I love watching movies. It was a perfect gift for me. How did they know what I liked?!

Well... It's not the worst ever?

Well note to anyone ordering in January ... You might not want to because it may take awhile before you get what you order. I like half of what I got, although I have already own the shirt they sent me (disappointed but was still thrilled I still love that shirt) but the rest was ...meh. My print was cute but ... why?
So it truly is a "mystery" why they send you what they do. Fangamer you are awesome and I love what you do but I don't think I will get this mystery box again.

Worth a shot!

So I always have the problem that I never know what to get... this was a perfect solution! I bought one on a whim and I was surprised how awesome the items were. I do understand that I was particularly lucky that it meet my tastes, there is a risk. However I'd gladly roll the dice again! Fangamer has yet to disappoint!

Fanamari Mystery Box


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Looking to unwrap some surprise gifts from yourself this year? Add a Fanamari gift box to your order! Each $35 gift box contains $100 worth of older merchandise from the Fangamer archives, including one item from each of these categories:

There's no returns, exchanges, or refunds, and some items could be duplicated if you order multiple boxes. We also can't accommodate specific requests. But if you pick up one of these, you've got your office Secret Santa exchange covered for years