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Fiendlord Pin Set

$5.00 USD - $7.00 USD

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Things are looking up for the mystics! They whomped the local superhero, turned his buddy into a frog (lol), and got the Hero's Badge into the hands of some kid. Best of all, the populace is too busy gabbing about the henchmen's rock-n-roll makeover to worry about the costly war with Guardia!

This CT-inspired pin set comes with four pins:

  • Glenn
  • Heroic (metallic paper)
  • Dark Matter (glow in the dark!)
  • Henchman (Wildcard -- one w/ each set)
    • Sabbath
    • Rose
    • Chili

Like all of our pins, each set comes with specially-designed packaging guaranteed to give hardcore collectors fits of indecision — open them or leave them sealed?