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Perfect summary

I bought this t-shirt because I really like Venus Patrol and Keita Takahashi and I LOVE this message. And who better to help deliver it, then professional video game romantics, FanGamer?

I got this in Black and gold (beautiful colour way and printing) in a women's XL and it fits like a dream (I'm 5'9" and busty/hippy); the men's small would probably be a good substitute size, too.

If you're considering this shirt, get it. It's beautiful and understated and perfect.

I just wish the Octopus purple were in stock; Insta-buy when/if it does!

So Much Booty

Cannot recommend VP and Takahashi's "We Are Videogame Romantics" shirt enough. Whenever I wear it outside, I'm instantly surrounded by cute, videogame romancing guys as soon as I step out of the door. It's a perfect aphrodisiac, and the guys come flocking from miles around. Seriously, I've had to start carrying a stick and wearing a helmet as precautions due to the mobs of cute guys that surround me at all times while wearing this shirt. Ladies, if you want to find a date who likes videogames look no further than this shirt. So Much Booty with this shirt.

I've also noticed that wearing this shirt makes me stronger and faster, maybe even a little taller too. When I wear this shirt my hair seems shinier, my skin seems brighter, even my teeth are whiter - it just feels like I'm walking on sunshine. 5 out of 5 stars, will wear again.


i received a sunset cream one during gdc. just like keita claimed, i became a better surfer - instantly. gone are the days of falling off of my board, scrambling back to shore. thank you keita


Cute T-shirts:)

Game Romantics

by Keita Takahashi

Sold out!

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Join Katamari Damacy & Noby Noby Boy creator Keita Takahashi and Venus Patrol in declaring yourself one of the last of the videogame romantics.

Available in three colors, each described by Keita below:

TREASURE (BLACK): "I wish this printed gold colour was real gold..."

OCTOPUS (PURPLE): "I like octopus sushi. But I also like squid, too."

SUNSET (CREAM): "I think you can become a much better surfer if you wear this T-shirt."

Printed by the shirt romantics at Forward Printing in California. Cream and Purple are available on American Apparel's soft 50/50 for summer comfort, and black is on American Apparel's 2001 100% cotton shirt. (Ladies use the 50/50 BB301 and 100% cotton 2102, 3X for the cream and purple are on Gildan 8000, while all 4X is on Gildan 2000.)