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Mine broke

I'm a pretty big CT fan, and when I saw this item I had to have it. I love the weight and feel of it, and the detail on the keychain is really nice. But the loop at the top for your key ring is attached to the rest of the Gate Key by only a tiny section of metal. I drop my keys occasionally - who doesn't? - but I wasn't overly rough with this item. I'd buy another, but I'm afraid of the same thing happening.

A Fine Trinket For Any Fan Of "Chrono Trigger!"

What can I say that hasn't already been said? This is a beautiful, well-rendered piece of memorabilia from one of the greatest video-games of all time. Fine to dangle from a key-fob, a backpack, a sword-pommel (Oh, shut up... I'm weird like that) or wherever else you choose to display it.

Incredible Gift

My girlfriend bought me this as an anniversary present. The finish is impeccable and the overall design is just gorgeous. What really gets me about this thing is the weight, though. It has a very sturdy feel in your hand, and is just a really cool piece of art to have on your keyring. The chain seems really strong, too.

A great gift; I'm not worried about breaking it or losing it.


This is a Beautiful keychain. I keep it in good condition by not using it (I have more than enough anyway.) I have it hanging from a tack nearby Timewing schematic poster, which is also BEAUTIFUL!
The keychain looks amazing, it has that old, aged look to it, and it has Great detail in it's design.
It makes for a Great memory of the BEST game I have EVER played! Highly recommended!


Heavy Duty good quality stuff! Just awesome! I'm going to make mine into a necklace.

Gate Keychain

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

Time travel requires a nuanced understanding of concepts like time dilation. If you're not up to date on the latest in flux capacitance, however, there's an easier way: the Gate Keychain, guaranteed to shred the delicate fabric of spacetime like an angry Naga-ette!

  • Custom-minted keychain manufactured by Northwest Mint
  • 30+ grams of virtually unbendable nickel
  • Heavy-duty chain
  • Antique bronze finish
Jon Kay has imbued every centimeter (thats right, metric!) of this static timepiece with symbolic icons inspired by CT. Our most complicated design to date, this keychain was custom minted by the good folks at the Northwest Mint.

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