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Honor and Revenge

by Camille Young

$25.00 USD

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The valiant knight and the dark mage are perfectly opposing forces, as they move each other like gears of a clock. The banners 'honor' and 'revenge' signify their motivations and they each hold a heart with the initial of someone important to them. The knight is surrounded by slugs, leaves, and gnarled wood from his home in the forest and his hero's medal hangs from a nearby branch. Below him are the shield of his kingdom and the sword of the hero. The mage is framed by lizards, stone masonry, and dripping candles from his castle. A happy little Alfador and his scythe hang below.

Sold as a set of two prints. Each is 8.2" x 11.5" (6.6" x 9.9" with a .75" border) high quality inkjet print.