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Customer Reviews

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A wonderful lad, just some teeny tiny issues

I got my Grimm plush awhile back (for the Black Friday sale) and he's held up real well! I love the shimmer of the red, it adds a higher quality to it and it feels real nice. Personally, I don't care for the fact that he's poseable, in a way the wires hinder the plush aspect. I tried sleeping with him (I like sleeping with plushies still), but I'd wake up and his arms and cape would be bent every which way. It may be a bit unreasonable, but I'm scared the wires will snap or get worn out that way, so I don't sleep with him anymore, but I can live with that. His legs are slightly different lengths as well (image below) and it feels like the longer one isn't stuffed the same amount, but once again I've been able to live with it. Overall, he's a hella nice plush, I just got a lil bit of a wonky one and I wouldn't recommend sleeping with him.


A couple months ago I played Hollow Knight for the first time. It quickly became my favorite game, and I have beaten since. Grimm is one of many bosses that made me love the game more. This plush is SO GOOD. It’s bigger than I expected and is super soft. I love this and would recommend to anyone who is a fan of Hollow Knight!

looks great

this is a really good hollow knight plush I bought it with the knight and this is making me collect all the hollow knight plushes overall if you want something to symbolize tha you enjoy hollow knight or like collecting plushes this is a must buy

Grimm Squishy

This is probably the best plush I've received from Fangamer. He is so soft and the design on his cape and poseable arms is perfect. The height of the plush is also impressive and well representing of his scale in-game. Very much recommended, and he looks great under red lighting in my room!

Yer boi grimm

This boi is so soft, I love him, he is my favorite hollow knight boss. I love how he is poseable.

Hollow Knight

Grimm Plush

by Fangamer


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Well met, my friend. Well met. I am Grimm, master of this troupe.

This official Hollow Knight Grimm plush was designed by Eyes5. It measures about 14 inches tall and is fully posable—even the cape. 

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