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Happy Video Game Nerd DVDs

by lophatjello Productions

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Style: HVGN Vol. 1 & 2

Volume 1

Tired of all the anger? Meet the happiest gamer you've ever heard, the Happy Video Game Nerd! Derek Alexander's AVGN approved show highlights nothing but the greatest overlooked and forgotten retro video games

Metal Storm / Journey to Silius / Startropics / Splatterhouse Classic / Wildguns / Little Nemo The Dream Master / Nightshade / Rocket Knight Adventures / Mega Man 9 / D / Duck Tales / Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers / Disney Capcom Games Mega Review

Special Features
Commentaries / Game Quickies 2009 / HVGN Sold Separately Special Episode / Exclusive Outtakes / Nekbone, Revealed! Featurette / Easter Eggs / and more!

Volume 2

Taking you back to the past ... to enjoy every minute of it! The Happy Video Game Nerd is back with the Volume 2 DVD, a 3-disk set with almost 5 hours of content!

Earthbound / Zombies Ate My Neighbors / Startropic II: Zoda's Revenge / Ninja Warriors / Shenmue / Ristar / Mega Man 10 / Clash at Demonhead / Sparkster & Rocket Knight / Enemy Zero / D2 / Sweet Home / Splatterhouse (2010) / Chrono Trigger / Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Special Features
Commentaries / Select Gettin' Super Nerdy / Spoilerific Commentaries / Game Quickies 2010-2011 / Exclusive Outtakes / Easter Eggs / and more!