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Immortui Carcere

by Judson Cowan

$10.00 USD - $24.00 USD

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Learn the ropes and escape the prison that every undead hero must endure. Return, if you wish, to obtain a key to a peculiar world.

A companion piece to Judson Cowan’s hugely popular Laudate Solis print. Immortui Carcere is available as an offset poster in two sizes:

  • Small (8.1” x 20.7”)
  • Regular (12” x 30.4")

Complete your collection with Judson's other soul-filled, highly-detailed illustrations:

Note: the close-up photos featured on this page were taken from a regular-sized giclee version of the print. The offset posters and smaller giclee prints are made from the same file, but due to the physical limitations of print/eyeball resolution, many of the finer details aren't as visible.