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Great vinyl, minor issue

The vinyl for the soundtrack to Into The Breach is probably one of the best looking vinyls I own, and also sounds absolutely phenomenal. Not only this, but the packaging is incredibly sturdy, which is really nice. My only issue is that for some reason, the packaging is very bulgy and refuses to stay flat, and has been that way since I got it. It's a little hard to explain, but basically the packaging will not stay closed properly, kind of like when a paperback book gets when it has been read to much, or has been placed upside-down on it's spine for too long, and it has been that way since I got it. Now, if I could even give this vinyl a higher rating, I would, because it looks and sounds AMAZING, and it is difficult to stress this enough. However, this minor issue should be noted, but you should not let that dissuade you from purchasing, just so you are aware. I still highly recommend to anyone who likes vinyl, Ben Prunty, or Subset games.

Into the Breach Vinyl Soundtrack


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Into the Breach Mech Combo

This two-LP vinyl OST contains 26 tracks from Ben Prunty's Into the Breach soundtrack on translucent, smoky green vinyl, wrapped up in art by spudonkey.

Each purchase includes a free Bandcamp download code for MP3, WAV, or FLAC audio files. 

Side A Side B

01. Open a Breach
02. Old Earth
03. Antiquity Row
04. Old War Machines
05. Relics
06 Seismic Activity
07. Region Secured
08. Red Sands

09. Rustling Hulks
10. The Blast Garden
11. Cataclysm
12. Brood Mother
13. Zenith
14. Blitzkreig

    Side C Side D

    15. Pinnacle Robotics 
    16. Rift Riders 
    17. Frozen Death
    18. Detritus
    19. The Wasteland
    20. Reprocessing

    21. A.C.I.D
    22. Hive Leader
    23. Apocalypse
    24. Into the Breach
    25. Don’t Forget What I Taught You
    26. Trailer

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