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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Cute but prone to scratching

I was impressed with how heavy and thick it was but other of the sides got scratched up quite easily and the other got a few marks.

Great keychain

I love this keychain! I got mine over 3 years ago at a convention that fangamer was at and have not regretted the purchase. Did the copper platting come off? Yes it did, which is why it gets docked one star. Overall though even with the platting gone it still has a gold look to it and looks great!

Not at all what I expected

So I pulled it out and the keychain was heavily scratched on one side. However that was not the worst. On the other side the paint or covering on the keychain was severely peeling off and the parts underneath were tarnished and discolored. I was really excited for this product, however the quality of the product was far below what I expected.

Awesome keychain

This keychain is top notch. It's very shiny, smooth, and the design is great. My only complaint are the minor marks on it. I'm not sure if that happened from when it was being shipped or what. Although the marks do not show the metal underneath, and are hard to see to begin with. That's the only reason why I give it 4 stars out of 5. Either way I'm satisfied with my purchase.

Jiggy Keychain

by Chris Swavely

Sold out!

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Bears and Birds alike need this to progress, so make sure to hide this keychain from both species.

  • Super-shiny, copper-plated keychain
  • 1.25" square, about 1oz heavy