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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Great Purchase...Very Few Issues.

I had my library buy this book and it is great! But (There's always a but) there were maybe two or three typos and the book is small in size. The art is full color and beautifully drawn. It's well written, almost like a real explorer's journal. I don't have much to write about but this book is a must-buy for Kanto fans. I just hope they make one for Johto. The legendary dogs would look amazing. Also Kari Fry, thank you for the wonderful books.


From the first page to the last, I hade a big smile on my face. The drawings are absolutely lovely. You recognize all the adorable pocket monsters but it's still drawn in such a personal way. And when I read the text after being in love with the drawings, there I was again, a big smile on my face. If you love the Kanto region and some of the best characters in videogame history, you will absolutely love this book.

It's a pretty small book so don't expect anything like a big art book. This is more of an interpretation of the Kanto region from a fan of the game, in both text and art. I think the format is perfect for the field guide-style. And again, it will bring a big smile on the one who reads it.

Fantastic book, more please

This is a beautiful art book and it's well worth getting the hardback. I would really love to see other regions done, especially some of the most recent generations.

Beautiful Pictures

This product came quickly and in three or four layers of packaging to keep it safe.

The artwork is beautiful and the character interpretations are really cool. The text reads like a real field guide.

The only thing is that I expected the book to be bigger than it is; I would guess it's almost a foot tall by a half wide. Like another reviewer said, a bigger book would have done the art a bit more justice and would have justified the price a bit more. Though considering that it's supposed to be a field guide (a book you carry with you on trips and explorations), it makes some sense to be the size it is.

A good buy, a helpful guidebook

It is a good read, had fun going over all the pages in the book. Well worth the cost for me, hopefully it will receive a sequel to other regions. I was actually surprised about them actually including the last entry in the book. Didn't think they'd have that in it at all and it was a nice touch.

Field Guide to Kanto

by Kari Fry

Sold out!

Prepare for a trip into the tall grass with the Field Guide to Kanto, which provides valuable information about the many odd and fascinating creatures inhabiting the Kanto region. Features include:

  • 158 full-color pages
  • Colorful illustrations of all 151 creatures discovered during the 1998 survey
  • Descriptions of these creatures, including updated information discovered since the initial survey, such as
    • Elemental affinity
    • Habitat
    • Behavior
  • A full-color map of the Kanto region (also available as a separate giclee print)

The book is available in both hardback and paperback formats. The hardback version has the following unique features:

  • Sturdy, foil-embossed cover
  • Dust jacket which doubles as a poster

The descriptions and illustrations are the result of years of study by Professor Kari Fry.

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