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Later Alligator Vinyl Soundtrack

by 2 Mello

Sold out!

Product Description

Take the sounds of Alligator New York City home with 2 Mello's Later Alligator soundtrack, remastered especially for gator green vinyl and featuring art from SmallBu.

Each copy includes an instant digital download of the complete soundtrack in MP3, WAV, or FLAC.

Note: Some tracks on this soundtrack include an intentional vinyl crackling effect, which is part of the actual audio recording.

Side A (17:59) Side B (16:32)
1. Later Alligator (Main Theme) 11. Seedy Gator Games
2. John Johnny's Restaurant 12. Nana Rue's Antiques
3. Pat's Theme 13. The Alligator Underground
4. Mandy, Do You Know Any Other Songs 14. Great Gator Date
5. Cute Gator Games 15. Uncool Gator Games
6. Alligator Blues (Arcade Theme) 16. Alligator New York City
7. That One Song From The Trailer 17. COME ON EVERYBODY (RAVE MIX 2K19) (VIP ULTRA MAX)
8. Cool Gator Games 18. Vintage Gator Games
9. Unsavory Part Of Town 19. Surprise Track DO NOT OPEN
10. Alligator Public Transit