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Customer Reviews

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Nice Purchase

Great art quality. I felt like the item description were very lacking in comparison to the rest of the book but that is personal preference.
It lost a star because the dust jacket does not fit properly over the book. Mine is too big and either the front or the back will be too long depending on where you position it.

From Original version to Revised Version

As an owner of the original version of this book I will say that this new version is absolutely just as good for a few minor nitpicks.

The size is smaller, and more compact, but that just makes it more portable. And what the book lost in overall size (having nice big images to look at) it makes up in thickness with a whole new games worth of content.

I'm not sure if I'm crazy about the new style dust cover (which used to be glossy and is matte now) but it's still a great piece of art to enjoy.

The only thing that made me sad is that Timeline and the various Song Sheets of the series notes have been moved from in book content, to being printed on the hardcover and first pages. It's efficient, but it did create a new problem... I have no place to put the Book Plate on.

Where the original book had a few blank areas on the front and back of the hardcover, and the first few pages, this book has NO blank spots where I can place it with out covering up nice pieces of art or forewords or information. It really uses each page to the max. As such I've had to say that I can't stick it anywhere in the new version which is unfortunate to not be able to place Kari's signature in it.

Detailed and of quality

Wonderful, I truly like its detailed pictures and its attention to accuracy.

A Book of Heroic Quality

The title says it all, really. This is an amazing product. The illustrations and information are excellent, the quality of the cover and the binding are superb, and the overall product just feels classier than a Moblin wearing a monocle (and that's pretty darn classy, if you ask me).

Non product-related, I also would like to give a shout out to Fangamer's customer service and order departments. This is the second product I've ordered from them (the first was "A Guide to Village Life," also an excellent product), and both times they have been timely, responsive and courteous in both delivery and service. I mistakenly ordered the paperback this time which, though I'm sure it is good, was not the cool hardback I had meant to get, and they made the process of switching my order simple, painless and stress-free. A definite plus around the already stress-filled holidays.

So in conclusion, as soon as you finish reading this already overlong review, go ahead and order this book. The you from the future will hate past you if you decide not to, and given that Ganon will be taking over the world in the future, it would be just plain mean to give future you something else to be distressed about.

Just got this as a gift..... LOVE IT!!!

This thing is so beautiful! I guess I am a Kari Fry fan now lol. I am obsessed with the Zelda series and my friend Jesse just got me this for my 30th birthday. Excellent gift. I ended up even googling Kari Fry to see what other stuff she had. This book is my new favorite book. Beautiful artwork. The book is very high quality too. Very well made. Feels very nice in your hands. Even the poster dust cover has a beautiful waxy feeling to it. It feels very nice. The pages are thick and strong and the book has that 'new book' smell to it. I absolutely love this thing already. You will find no mention of 'Zelda', 'Link', or any other official Nintendo names due to copyright laws, but I sort of like that because it makes this book feel like a 'legend' passed down, you know? Like playing Wind Waker when it has the story in the beginning. Reminded me of that a lot. Legends are passed on through un-official means. I thought it actually added to the nostalgia of the whole thing. Excellent.

Legend of the Hero

by Kari Fry

Sold out!

Updated for 2018 with 16 pages of new content and visual improvements!

"Legend tells of a collector of fine art who broke the sacred book free of its shrink wrapping..."

  • Bookplate signed by the artist (limited quantities available)
  • 240 full-color pages
  • Detailed descriptions and custom illustrations of every facet of the universe: myths, races, items, weapons, relics, creatures, rulers, deities, guardians, maps
  • Gold foil-stamped black faux leather cover
  • Dust jacket which doubles as a poster
  • 5.5" x 8.5" hardcover

This tome and print set are the result of a year of intense illustration, study, and writing by the brilliant Kari Fry. Proudly printed and bound in the USA.

We liked the art so much we had Kari put together a special run of metallic gold ink Legend of the Hero prints, which are available separately. While you're at, consider adding the Field Guide to Kanto, her original bestiary, to your Legend of the Hero order.

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