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*The dog absorbed the title

This scarf is amazing.
It's the softest scarf I've ever felt (really warm, too), and filled with adorable details that prompted me to squeal for ages. Of the 70 or so scarves I have, this is my favorite by far.
..Until I wore it in the rain and my hair dye stained it.
I washed the dye out, and to my surprise, the soft texture held up. You'd think Fangamer having high-quality stuff would have ceased to surprise me by now, but..
Anyways, buy it. The price is a bit daunting, but totally worth it.


Lesser Dog is my favorite minor character, so of course I had to get this scarf. I received it today (pretty quick, too), and it's AMAZING. It's adorably soft and I was surprised by the attention to detail. The little tail poking out of the armor had me squealing for hours. Very high quality and will probably last for a very long time.


Is too soft and warm!


Hands down one of my favourite purchases! Arrived in about a week, which is amazing considering how long most Amazon orders take. It's soft, true to form, long enough to coat you in fluff, and full of tiny, adorable details! From the rosy cheeks, to the little toe bean paws and tiny arms, to the cute little tail sticking out of the armour! I'll admit, I was a bit daunted by the price, but it came out of the box perfect, no stains to be seen, no artificial plastic smell, and, honestly, the softest scarf I've ever felt, like I'm seriously impressed with that part. Granted, you should keep the white away from possible stains, and I'm not sure if the softness will hold up in the wash, but the same applies to most items of that description; as for snowfall, it seems to dry rather well.

Overall, a fantastic buy, wouldn't change a thing!

This.... i love this

I can't say anything. Its too much LOVE! Pun intended ;) But still I love it and my dogs approve YOUR THE BEST TOBY FOX!


Lesser Dog Scarf

by Fangamer

Save $1Snow Dogs Button Set

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* Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before. 

This official UNDERTALE scarf is a six-foot-long warm dog made of a soft minky microfiber material with machine-embroidered details. 

It was collaboratively designed by Jenna Post and Toby Fox, and will have to be wrapped around your neck multiple times. 

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