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Awesome Pins!!

just got my pins in the mail today and have to say, these are really cool :D now im just wondering how I can get my hands on the other 2 Gear Unit pins....[got Ray] I was also lucky enough to get one of the Destructoid square pins!!!! Fangamer also threw in an extra pin that looks like it might be from Left for Dead!! Love the pins and look forward to my next set!!!!!!

Liquid Pin Set

by Jon Kay

$5 - $7

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If you're hoping to slip by a guard unnoticed, you've got a few choices: don a clever disguise, sneak through the shadows, or tap them on the shoulder and hit them with four pins worth of amazing design.

  • Psychic Psycho
  • Ration
  • H!DE Box
  • Gear Unit (wildcard -- one comes w/ each set)
    • REX
    • RAY
    • GEKO

Each pin set comes in a custom packaging to protect the sensitive contents from prying hands.

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