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Lucas Shirt

by Fangamer


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Lucas is our second custom-manufactured shirt, and has all the hallmarks of our Shirtness:

  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • Wool-dyed 2" stripes
  • Woven Franklin tag
  • Metallic 1" Franklin button

We've done our part in the battle against the evil Pork Army by ensuring that shirt is handmade in Turkey in an ethically sound production facility -- fair wages, no forced/child labor, and no Uzbek cotton

Unisex Lucas is based on the Continental N03 sizing, and Women’s Lucas is based on the Continental N12. Unisex sizes are similar to the American Apparel 2001 garment we frequently use, while women's sizes run smaller than our new standard District garments. (Order as if you were ordering an American Apparel 2102.)

  • Unisex Lucas sizes S, M, 2X, and 3X are a little larger than their American Apparel counterparts. Sizes L and XL are pretty similar.
  • Women’s Lucas sizes have slightly tighter waists and shorter sleeves than their AA equivalents. WS and WM are a little larger than their AA equivalents, whereas WL is pretty similar.
  • Lucas will probably shrink, so dry it on low (or no) heat!