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Customer Reviews

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So this shirt definitely earns a 5/5. It's soft, the colors are vibrant, and it was delivered to me so quickly!
As a competitive Smash player & Lucas main, I now I have a new tournament shirt too! Totally worth it!

I’m PK Lovin’ this

ok, I got this shirt back in like, may and holy frick lemme tell you it’s the best shirt I’ve ever owned. whenever I hang out with my friends I slip this baby on with some shorts and crew length socks and I’m the talk of the show. not like if I actually like that or it happens. but it leaves others impressed and it’s something to be impressed of honestly. the best part is looking just like my favourite character and being comfy at the same time! how’s that? I can’t wait for my Shirtness to arrive, I have a good feeling it’d be just as PK Rockin’ as Lucas!11!1 :D

*=* Wow, is awesome!

*=* Awesome Lucas T-shirt, this is amazing and i love Lucas =)

Softest Shirt Ever

I bought the shirt to wear one time for my school's homecoming week. When it arrived I tried it on to show to my friends and everyone was amazed by how soft it is! Now I wear it regularly because I just love how it feels! 5/5


This shirt is amazing! It is extremely comfortable, and the tag doesn't bother me a bit. I am 5'1 and around 110 pounds, so I purchased the medium (woman's) shirt. When it came in, I was surprised to see how well it fit. In addition, the shipping was extremely fast. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Lucas Shirt

by Fangamer

Sold out!

Lucas is our second custom-manufactured shirt, and has all the hallmarks of our Shirtness:

  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • Wool-dyed 2" stripes
  • Woven Franklin tag
  • Metallic 1" Franklin button

We've done our part in the battle against the evil Pork Army by ensuring that shirt is handmade in Turkey in an ethically sound production facility -- fair wages, no forced/child labor, and no Uzbek cotton

Unisex Lucas is based on the Continental N03 sizing, and Women’s Lucas is based on the Continental N12. Unisex sizes are similar to the American Apparel 2001 garment we frequently use, while women's sizes run smaller than our new standard District garments. (Order as if you were ordering an American Apparel 2102.)

  • Unisex Lucas sizes S, M, 2X, and 3X are a little larger than their American Apparel counterparts. Sizes L and XL are pretty similar.
  • Women’s Lucas sizes have slightly tighter waists and shorter sleeves than their AA equivalents. WS and WM are a little larger than their AA equivalents, whereas WL is pretty similar.
  • Lucas will probably shrink, so dry it on low (or no) heat!