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Midnight Channel

by Elise Tiffin

$24.00 USD

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Also available as a tank top.

It is said that if you stare into this shirt, alone, at midnight during a heavy rain, you can see your soulmate. Most of the time, though, this soft 50/50 blend t-shirt is going to attract soulmates the old-fashioned way: By telegraphing your mutual interest in videogames that explore the uncanny side of human interaction.

This eerie Elise Tiffin design comes to you via a metallic waterbase print from the personae at Forward Printing. Each shirt comes with a 1.25" bonus pin that has absolutely no arcane dimension-bending properties.

Unisex XS-2X American Apparel BB401
Unisex 3X-5X Gildan 8000
Unisex 6X Port & Company PC55
Women's XS-4X District Made DM108L