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I like it

Looks great, works well. It's a not as sturdy or heavy as I would have expected. I also can't help but feel like the handle is a bit plain and rough. Would a bezel along the grip be so hard to include? Even just rounding the edges would be nice. I can't help but agree with some other reviews that the metal liner could fit more snugly but I also realize that wooden products can swell or shrink based on moisture and temperature and that a loose fit is preferable to a snug one.

I would still recommend this if you want a solid quality MH branded Tankard for use or display but don't expect a premium quality level.


Love the look of the cup, but as the other reviewer pointed out, the metal cup that sits inside doesn't sit snugly. When you drink, your mouth pressed down and tilts the cup. Also, the metal is SO stinky. I've washed it a ton of times but the metallic smell makes it impossible to enjoy most beverages.

Beautiful display piece.

Really love the looks of this piece. Agreed with the previous review commenting on the stability of the liner; it can get a little precarious and lopsided while inserted, which makes drinking from it interesting. There's also a small perimeter of wood between the liner and your mouth, so at least for now it feels like I'm getting a taste of Home Depot with each sip. Probably to be expected, but it was a first for me and it might be for you too.

Really love it, and it's very satisfying to hold (lighter than expected too!) but there's a chance it gets retired to a display piece.

I'ts nice, but...

It looks really nice, but the metal cup on the inside is more wobbly than I expected. I wish there was magnets in the bottom of the wood cup that would help hold it in place😅 its not really an issue though, but for almost $50 I expected it to be more secure? It has my favorite chef cat on it so I don't regret anything c:

Hey there Nate,

Sorry for the trouble with your mug! Feel free to email us with your order number at '' and we can provide further assistance.


Monster Hunter Wooden Tankard Mug

by Audrey Waner

Restock planned!

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Piping hot (or nice and chilled) from the canteen.

This official Monster Hunter 17 oz tankard is made of wood with metal trim, and includes a removable dishwasher-safe stainless steel liner. (The tankard should be wiped with a damp cloth and wiped dry, and neither the liner nor the tankard is microwaveable.)

© Capcom

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