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Quick delivery. Quality Vinyl!

I was hoping to get this before MOTHER's 30th Anniversary, and I was scared that because the site was saying that shipping was slow that it wouldn't arrive on time. But to my delight, this arrived far sooner than I expected! The delivery is incredibly fast. But that's no good if the songs don't sound good.
But they really do. I am stunned by the quality and care that was put into making these.
The details surrounding each track and the quality of the audio makes this a worthy addition to any fan's collection.
Clearly made for MOTHER fans, by MOTHER fans!

After years of searching for this vinyl

Just amazing. I can't think of words to express my happiness about this quality album


This was a must-have for my collection because I listened the heck out of the vocal Mother tracks when I was in my earthbound phase several years ago. The record sounds great and the color looks awesome! Also this record came with padded sleeves which was a nice surprise since all the vinyl I've gotten from fangamer have had rough paper sleeves.

MOTHER Vinyl Soundtrack


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This famous piece of MOTHER history features 10 tracks from the game with inventive, live arrangements and original English lyrics. Side D is devoted entirely to "The World of MOTHER," a medley of the original Famicom music. 

Produced by Ship to Shore PhonoCo. in conjunction with Sony Music Entertainment, we're offering an exclusive Magic Snail colorway

Side A
1. Pollyana (I Believe in You)
2. Bein' Friends
3. The Paradise Line
4. Magicant
Side B
5. Wisdom of the World
6. Flying Man
7. Snow Man
8. All That I Needed (Was You)
Side C
9. Fallin' Love, And
10. Eight Melodies
Side D
11. The World of MOTHER