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I received the Rex hoodie. The minor flaw was a little misprint on the arm and it doesn’t have the metal gear icon on the very bottom right of the jacket like shown in the promotional pictures. However I like owning unique things and for 25 dollars I’m honestly going to order another one soon. Thanks fan gamer :)

Important In-Depth Review for Future Buyers ! Please read !

(I accidentally uploaded an unfinished review pls disregard the previous one :P )

Hello! To give more of a background, I’m a 17 year old part time worker who earns minimum wage lol. I had a positive experience purchasing a book from Fangamer, and decided to splurge some of my hard-earned cash on a lot more. With other items, I put two hoodies in my cart, the Sans hoodie, and the Celeste Mountain hoodie. Then, I saw the mystery hoodie option. I decided to push my luck and go for that instead. Remember, I’m only 17 from a pretty lower-middle class family, and I need to save the money that I can. I ordered three mystery hoodies for $75, three instead of two to get better luck in getting the two hoodies I previously wanted.

Long story short, I got both the Sans and the Celeste Mountain hoodies. :^D

I can’t help but think they’ve seen the other items that I ordered (Mettaton Poster and Celeste Poster) and chose the hoodies based upon that. I just can’t express into words how considerate that is (if it is true ofc), and I’m beyond happy.

Now for the flaws!

Snow Wood Hoodie (the one I didn’t expect!) I love Earthbound, so this was a nice surprise !

The Flaw- The hoodie I received is Forest Green rather than Navy Blue. I do not mind this at all because I much prefer Forest Green! No flaws in the zipper (cute key!) or print.

Celeste Hoodie

The Flaw- Theres a small printing error in the color. If I hadn’t looked for the flaws I wouldn’t have noticed. Barely noticeable, a nearly perfect hoodie!

Sans Hoodie

The Flaw- The Bone Charms on the hoodie strings are slightly scuffed up. Again, wouldn’t have noticed hadn’t I purposely looked for the flaws, super comfortable and cute! I was almost scared there wouldn’t be the bone charms with that being the flaw, but when they say MINOR IMPERFECTIONS, they sure do mean it!

Overall, I’m SUPER DUPER HAPPY with my purchase, and I would encourage anyone who is struggling with money to purchase the myste...

Worth it

I got a Games Done Quick hoodie, and while I don't really care for GDQ, it's still an amazingly comfy hoodie for a nice price.


First, I will say the shipping was fine, as I expected. What I didn't expect was to get a first run sans hoodie that (even though I ordered a size up!) doesn't fit. This hoodie is 4 inches smaller on the chest than the one they are selling right now of the same size. Why would you even sell stock THIS defective? Mind boggling.

Totally WORTH IT

I'm was never really into blind boxes, in this instance I had 25 bucks to spend and decided to take my chances.... Well sweet jeebus, I never expected to get a mother flippin' SANS hoodie! Thanks a lot fangamer crew!

Mystery Hoodie!


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Hitting the Random Character button in a fighting game is the ultimate power move. 

Ordering a Fangamer Mystery Hoodie is just as impressive, but much less dangerous. In exchange for leaving your order to fate you'll get a classic Fangamer hoodie at our lowest price ever!

Your Mystery Hoodie might be out-of-print designs or current ones with minor imperfections in the print or garment. They can't be returned or exchanged, and we don't take requests. But feel free to tell us in the comments which Fangamer hoodies you already own!