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Mystery Hoodie!


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Hitting the Random Character button in a fighting game is the ultimate power move. 

Ordering a Fangamer Mystery Hoodie is just as impressive, but much less dangerous. In exchange for leaving your order to fate you'll get a classic Fangamer hoodie at our lowest price ever!

Your Mystery Hoodie might be out-of-print designs or current ones with minor imperfections in the print or garment. They can't be returned or exchanged, and we don't take requests. But feel free to tell us in the comments which Fangamer hoodies you already own!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Worth it

I got a Games Done Quick hoodie, and while I don't really care for GDQ, it's still an amazingly comfy hoodie for a nice price.


First, I will say the shipping was fine, as I expected. What I didn't expect was to get a first run sans hoodie that (even though I ordered a size up!) doesn't fit. This hoodie is 4 inches smaller on the chest than the one they are selling right now of the same size. Why would you even sell stock THIS defective? Mind boggling.

Totally WORTH IT

I'm was never really into blind boxes, in this instance I had 25 bucks to spend and decided to take my chances.... Well sweet jeebus, I never expected to get a mother flippin' SANS hoodie! Thanks a lot fangamer crew!

Took a while, but definitely worth the wait

I ordered my hoodie and waited for almost three weeks in anticipation for it to arrive. Being impatient, I was checking my inbox every hour of every day for an update, then had to wait more for it tp be shipped (Aagh! you're killing me!). Needless to say, it came, and I am already enjoying my Celeste hoodie in my humid Florida climate.
They call me crazy, I call them silly to pass up such comfy attire. Thank you.

Entirely worth it

So, listen. Im a sucker for blind boxes, mystery bag, loot boxes, gachas. Pretty much anything thats swimming in an air of mystery, im game. I also have a plan of getting 366 hoodies so that at the start of a new year, i can wear one per day. So seeing this here grab bag of hoodies? You know your girl had to buy two.
I ended up getting a Hyper Light Drifter and an Earthbound Snow Wood print. Theyre both absolutely amazing, and exactly like what you’d get if you’d bought them at their full price. The HLD hoodie had a plain zipper instead of the diamond it would usually get, but if you dont mind tiny details like that, this is entirely worth it.
and hey, worst comes to worst, you get a hoodie from a series you don’t particularly care for, and boom, when the next gift-giving holiday you celebrate rolls around, you’re covered.