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I love it

Thanks to Housemarque, Fangamer and Nina Matsumoto for this awesome T-shirt whose design I love! A good thing is (from my point of view) that the design is not really "nerdy" so you can wear it normally as an another regular T-shirt outside home, although this one is way more awesome than others ;)

Nex Machina Black is nice.

The black t-shirts are great. Can we try blue ones and have "Secret Human Saved." on the back of the shirt in neon green-yellow and red colors. This game is wonderful and fangamer you are fabulous. Thanks for providing a great service for game and graphic designers everywhere across the world.

The screenprint is perfect. Let's make more. Blue Cable Punk stickers. More Nex Machina. Thanks to Housemarque and Fangamer.

Nex Machina - Autonomicon Disassembly

by Nina Matsumoto

Sold out!

If you let the robots become sentient, you'd better have a plan to make them un-sentient again. 

This official Nex Machina shirt was designed by Nina Matsumoto and printed on soft 100% cotton garments by Forward Printing, who has a spotless track record of keeping their complex machinery working for the good, rather than the destruction, of humanity. Each one comes with an extremely cablepunk 4" bonus sticker!

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