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Take Their Hearts

Persona 5 was a game I wasn't expecting to like. The only other JRPG I have ever played was Octopath Traveler which is a game I really liked for its visuals, combat, soundtrack, and art design, and besides that nothing else. JRPGs never really intrigued me, because I always thought they looked weird, but after playing Octopath I decided to play be P5. I mind was blown after the first five hours of gameplay. The game was rich with content, the graphics and sound design was amazing, combat was simple yet fun, and the story was what kept me from playing from beginning to end. The only downside I had with the game was pacing and how some characters didn't have enough time to express who they were and why they mattered. However I loved Persona 5, it's flawed and really hard to recommend, but it's a game I think will stand out to the test of time. This shirt shows they many characters you encounter throughout the game. Each one going through personal problems and eventually becoming a Phantom Thief to help aid you along your journey. There is the main protagonist/leader Joker, and his allies which include Skull, Panther, Morgana, Wolf, Queen, Oracle, and Noir. The gangs all here, and if you haven't bought the game or this shirt I highly recommend doing so.

Persona 5


by Kari Fry


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In other words, they are bonds with those who have been robbed of their places to belong. 

This official Persona 5 shirt was designed by Kari Fry and screenprinted on soft, 100% cotton shirts from District and Canvas by Forward Printing. Each one comes with a bonus sticker. 

Unisex XS-4X Canvas 3001
Women's XS-4X District Made DM104L
Unisex 5X-6X Port & Company 61

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