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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Not Worth It At All

I've had this hoodie for around 6 months now and I can't say I recommend anything about it. I got my size but it was still a bit too small. This could be fixed by getting a bigger size, but that wouldn't fix everything else. The fabric is thin to the point that it doesn't keep you warm at all and it is also weirdly brittle. If you bend your body at all, the fabric doesn't really accommodate and fit your body. It moreso bends at an angle so it looks you've got something underneath the hoodie. On top of all that, the zipper is frustrating to use. It can take a while just to zip it up. Sorry, but there's really nothing to recommend here.

Zipper is a piece of junk.

Wrote a review a couple months back about this hoodie and my only problem with it was that the zipper didn't work. I spent an hour working on it, sewing the seams back together at the base of the zipper. In the end it still doesn't work, upon closer inspection the teeth of the zipper are perfectly aligned with each other when the teeth should be offset to zip up. I regret not sending it back when I noticed it in the beginning, beyond the zipper it is a good hoodie but if you have the same problem when you get it send it back as soon as you can for a a replacement.

Very Slimming

Like to start off by saying how wonderful the quality is of the fabric and the printing on the jacket. The fabric is very soft but a little thin so it makes a good jacket in the spring and fall. This hoodie is very slimming, if your jacket size is an extra size bigger then your shirt size I say go with your jacket's size. I have had this hoodie for almost a month now and I've noticed that the seams at the base of the zipper on both sides has started to come undone. This makes zipping it up quite difficult, but luckily for me I rarely zip it up and it is a quick fix. Overall, I do see myself ordering another hoodie sometime soon.

Order a size up!

This hoodie is great. One of my favorites that I own. It's nearly an every day wear for me on days that I don't go to work for it's versatility. Order a size up. These fit slim and a bit short.

Totally Worth It

Thin, breathes amazingly. Keeps me the perfect temperature. Perfect sweatshirt for California nights.

I love this sweatshirt. I am always too warm with normal sweatshirts, but this one keeps me cooler when I am out on summer nights. Awesome for layering. Love riding my bike with it. Love it so much I am buying a second one. I was excited to find out how light it was once it showed up.

Thanks Fangamer, I couldn't be happier with it.

Pewter Hoodie

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

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Also available as a t-shirt.

Have you ever—even once—seen a rock wear a winter coat?

That's why Pewter Gym members go for this light, raglan-style hoodie when they need to cover their ears. This jersey hoodie from Independent Trading Company is extremely lightweight—closer to a t-shirt than a sweater. It's perfect for an early-autumn day in the tall grass. 

All three Jon Kay designs—front, back, and right shoulder—come to you via Forward Printing's awesome discharge printing method, which somehow nets them a Same-Type Attack Bonus on every color.

Also: Check out our Pewter Shirt!

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