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Customer Reviews

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A wonderful album

I received this as a reward for backing the You Are Now Earthbound kickstarter and it is frankly my favorite item from it. The remixes were very obviously crafted from every contributor's love of this music. I play it in the car, and it is a wonderful way to pass time during my commute.
The discs come with a booklet inside that gives credit to contributors and some interesting insight in the making of many of the tracks.

Amazing remixes

Great remixes from the entire MOTHER trilogy. Some amazing reimaginings of the songs are mixed in with some more faithful remixes. Discs are high quality, cover art is great, and you can just tell this album was made with love. Would highly recommend!

Psychokinetic Album


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Part of a collaboration between Fangamer and the Bad Dudes that also produced a fanzine, The Bad Dudes' Psychokinetic Album is two discs full of some of the most memorable songs from all three games in the series, featuring songs and styles our Kickstarter backers helped select!

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