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Feels sturdy but mine fell apart :(

I love how cute this is and it felt like a really sturdy, good quality keychain but I just noticed the key part broke off and all that's left on my bag is the middle slime face part :( would post a picture if i could. Going to message directly about a possible replacement.

Oh no! If you haven't already, please contact us at for help getting a replacement.
Cute, but it fell apart!

I really do like this keychain and, appearance-wise, it's fantastic! It's actually bigger than I anticipated (which is a plus!) and it looks just like it does in game. It also has a good weight to it, and that would've hopefully meant it was of good quality in other areas.

However, not even two days after I got my keys on it, the middle portion of the keychain (with the slime smile on it) breaks off. There seems to be some kind thin bar that I guess was either not long enough to meet both ends or part of it broke, but now every time I try to stick it back together it'll fall back apart by the end of the day.

I'm sure this is probably a rare issue, but it's kinda sad that it was money down the drain. I hope there's a way to remedy this with a replacement.

High quality and very cute

Contrary to the other reviews, it was bigger than what I expected. It's a nicely sturdy and so very smiley :)

A lovely keychain to add to anyone's collection.

As Emily stated, it was definitely a lot smaller than I originally expected, but that doesn't deter away from its cute design and solid build quality. My order however had some slight chipping on the enamel, but I am not bothered by it. If you are a fan of the game, consider picking one up.


Slightly smaller than I expected (I just didn't pay enough attention when I ordered), but that doesn't even matter because IT. IS. SO. CUTE. Seems very well-made too. Got a little heft to it and seems like it'll stand the test of time. I actually use it as a keychain so the enamel is a little scratched-up already, but you can't tell unless the light shines on it in a very specific way. If you're considering it, get it!

Slime Rancher

Slime Key Keychain

by Tony Kuchar


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Not quite actual size, but much easier to fit on your keyring. 

This official Slime Rancher keychain features a rotating, soft-enameled Slime bow. 

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