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by Jon Kay

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Style: S / Blue Ringer / Unisex

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The siren song of that trashcan was irresistible, but you've found yourself surrounded by Sharks. Do you flee? Nay, you will fight bravely, emboldened by the mere possibility of a SMAAAASH!

This shirt was designed by our resident button-smasher Jon Kay and expertly screened by our friends at Forward Printing in California. It features three prints:

  • "Smaaaash!" logo on the front
  • "Ness 01" print on the nape
  • A custom size tag printed on the inside of the shirt

A bonus 4" sticker presents the iconic "Smaaaash!" logo in a high-quality vinyl print by Sticker Robot!

  • Unisex Ringers:
    • AA 2410 Ringers
    • 100% cotton, baby blue with navy rings and red with white rings
    • Just like our standard shirts, except with rings on the sleeves (which makes the sleeves fit tighter)
    • 2X - 6X shirts do not have white rings on the sleeves and collar.
  • Women's Ringers:
    • AA 2102 Shirts
    • 100% cotton, solid red
    • American Apparel discontinued the women's version of the ringer. :(