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Special Forces Messenger Bag

by Jon Kay

$48.00 USD

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This heavy-duty bag has plenty of pockets to hide your cigarettes and diazepam from those pesky super soldiers at the checkpoints!

  • 16″ × 11″ × 5″ (though it can carry items 2" larger in any given dimension)
  • Unwashed heavyweight canvas (the bag's total weight is a little under 2lbs)
  • Zippers and pouches galore!
    • Main compartment closes w/ 16" zipper
    • Two 6″×8″ zipper pouches on the front
    • Two 6″×8″ button-seal side pockets
    • One 14″×8″ velcro-seal pocket on the back (good for folders and thin notebooks)
    • One 8″×6″ zipper pouch on the inside of the main compartment
  • Brass hardware (high-quality stuff — no plastic buckles here)
  • 2" wide adjustable shoulder strap

The bags themselves are awesome, but we’ve also made several customizations which make them even more special:

  • 3" wide Special Forces logo embroidered directly on the flap of each bag
  • A custom Special Forces patch with adhesive backing (we recommend sewing it on once you're happy with its placement)

We’ve customized each bag by hand, removing extraneous velcro/canvas/stitching where the Fox Unit logo has been embroidered. For those of you who love the relative security of weak velcro, however, we’re including an adhesive velcro strip with each bag. It will stick on its own, but if you’re going to be using it regularly we recommend sewing it in!