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Learn about the history and philosophy behind the speedrunning hobby and community—and how to start planning runs yourself—with this book by computer engineer and obscure-game speedrunner Eric "Omnigamer" Koziel.

Speedrun Science examines the motivations and principles of speedrunning, explores how it evolved over the past several decades, and presents an entire guide for running a game from scratch. Each section is supported with quotes from significant runners and gaming personalities, in-game examples, expansive technical sidebars, and wonderful illustrations from the very talented Kari Fry! Whether you're completely new to speedrunning or are a seasoned veteran, Speedrun Science will help you better appreciate and grow into this fascinating activity!

Check out this preview of the book, where you'll get the history of speedrunning events, from the Nintendo World Championships to GDQ; discover how video refresh rates and version differences make speedrunners' lives a little more difficult; and learn how to plan a run, from picking a game to defeating a boss efficiently.

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Hardback or digital PDF • 7.5" by 9" • 352 pages


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