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Spelunky Vinyl Soundtrack


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A treasury of Spelunky music, and not a trap in sight. Pick up Eirik Suhrke's soundtrack on beautiful, black and gold hand-poured vinyl and get a free Bandcamp code to download the album instantly. 

The soundtrack was mastered especially for vinyl. Art laid out by Brian Carmody against a striking chipboard jacket. 

 Side A Side B

1. Adventure jingle
2. Title screen
3. Brothel 
Jungle B    
5. Ice caves B   
6. Temple dim   
7. Shop radio 4
8. Mines B
9. Temple A
10. City of gold   
11. Shop radio 3
12. Jungle C
13 - Ice caves C
14. Boss 2
15. Lobby
16. Jungle egg
17. Temple B
18. Mines A
19. Ending 1
20. Ice caves egg 

1. Main menu 
2. Game show 
3. Ice caves A 
4. Jungle A 
5. Yeti caves 
6. Mines C 
7. Black market 
8. Temple C 
9. Temple egg 
10. Mothership 
11. Jungle dim 
12. Haunted castle 
13. End credits 
14. Shop radio 2 
15. Mines egg 
16. Trial nag 
17. Cemetery 
18. Slave shop 
19. Wrath of Yama 
20Shop radio 1

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